SR Series NTP Network Time Servers

TimeTools SR Series NTP Server - Font Panel

The SR series is an extensive range of rack-mountable Stratum 1 NTP Appliances to provide an accurate time reference for small or larger networks. By utilising GPS, MSF and DCF-77 time references, they offer a secure, accurate, traceable,  source of time inside your firewall.

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SC Series NTP Network Time Servers

TimeTools SC Series NTP Time Server - Font Panel

The SC series provides an extensive range of Stratum 1 NTP Appliances housed in compact desktop type enclosures.

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LC Series Time References

TimeTools LC2750 GPS Time Reference - Font Panel

The LC series is a range of GPS computer time references to provide a reliable, accurate source of time for single PC’s. The time references have RS-232 interfaces for easy installation and can also be used with USB/Serial converters. They are supplied with drivers for most popular operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and LINUX platforms.

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NTP Synchronised Network Clocks

Ethernet Networked NTP Synchronized Wall Clocks

TimeTools range of analogue and digital NTP synchronized wall clocks utilise NTP over Ethernet to provide continuously accurate time displays throughout your organisation.  They feature, easy installation and configuration, maintenance free operation and automatic change over to daylight saving time without operator intervention.

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