Time Synchronization of IP Networks

Computer time synchronization has become ever more important. Today, distributed systems of networked computers and devices are very common. Often, in order to maintain the integrity of transactions and generated data, a common time on distributed devices is critical.

TimeTools T100 Time Synchronization Server

TimeTools T100 NTP Reference

A network time server provides a common source of accurate time for clients. The Network Time Protocol is used by clients to obtain accurate time stamps and adjust their internal clocks to the correct time.

T100 GPS Referenced NTP Server

The T100 is a low-cost network time reference. It utilizes GPS satellites to obtain very precise timing information. Accurate time stamps are then passed to network time clients, as they are required.

Product Highlights and Features

  • 16-Channel, high sensitivity GPS receiver, specifically designed for timing applications.
  • The receiver can operate in high-sensitivity and single satellite in view modes aiding signal reception in challenging areas. Often the appliance can receive GPS signals indoor with no or little view of the sky.
  • A single 10/100 Mbit Auto-sensing, Auto-MDIX ethernet port provides network connectivity.
  • Assuming a standard polling rate of 128 seconds, the T100 can serve in excess of 200,000 network time clients. Enough for even the largest of networks.
  • Accurate to within 1 microsecond of UTC time when GPS locked, the T100 maintains very precise time.
  • Thousands of network clients can synchronize to within a few milliseconds of the correct time.
  • The T100 can operate as a stratum-1 server when locked to GPS or utilize external time references for stratum 2 operation. It can also act as a peer to share time with other similar time reference.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack Internet Protocol operation makes the T100 future-proof.
  • Completely free firmware updates are provided for the lifetime of the product.
  • The appliance is made in the UK and supplied with a 12-month warranty and free unlimited lifetime support.


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