T550: Secure NTP Server, Multi-GNSS with High-Stability TCXO Holdover

TimeTools T550 is a stratum-1 Multi-GNSS referenced secure NTP server appliance with an integrated high-stability TCXO oscillator. The T550 can concurrently receive GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou satellite signals and is also Galileo ready.

The appliance provides a highly accurate time source for safely synchronizing computers and network devices. The T550 is housed in a high-quality 19” rack-mountable aluminium enclosure. It has a large 40 character by 2 line LCD display, which provides useful status and configuration information.

TimeTools T550 Secure NTP Server - Font Panel

TimeTools T550 NTP Server


Accurate Network Time Synchronization

Any networked device that is NTP (Network Time Protocol) or SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) compliant can utilize the T550 as a time reference. Most clients only require the IP address of the NTP server in order to periodically synchronize time. Windows and Linux servers and workstations can utilize the T550. Additionally, video surveillance systems, security systems and network infrastructure such as switches and routers can all sync with the T550.

The T550 has the ability to process up to 1500 NTP requests per second. Based on a standard NTP polling rate of 128 seconds, this allows up to 200,000 clients to be synchronized. More than enough for even the largest of networks.

Reliable Time Reference Inside Your Firewall

Internet based time servers, require ports to be left open in your firewall for access. Whereas a local NTP server can be installed fully inside a networks firewall without requiring any open ports. Additionally, the T550 utilizes the latest version of NTP, as well as implementing secure protocols such as HTTPS, SFTP and SSH.

High Sensitivity Multi-GNSS Timing Receiver

The T550 has an integrated, sophisticated, 32-channel Multi-GNSS timing receiver, specifically designed for timing applications. It allows the appliance to concurrently receive GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou satellite signals. Additionally, a simple firmware update is all that is required to receive Galileo signals, when the Galileo satellite system is fully operational.

The receiver provides timing information accurate to within 15 nsecs (1 sigma) of UTC time. When combined with a high-performance processing module and LINUX PPS kernel timing algorithms, the NTP sub-system can synchronize to within 1 usec of UTC.

The Multi-GNSS receiver also warns of impending leap-second insertion. NTP can then correctly insert leap-seconds without any operator intervention.

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