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TimeTools is a leading UK manufacturer of GPS referenced Master Clock Systems that synchronize to atomic time standards.

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SR9210 GPS Master Clock

The SR series network time protocol servers obtain very precise time from the GPS system to provide an accurate time reference for network clients.

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  • Legally traceable source of time synchronized to atomic standards.
  • Stratum 1 master clock operation using GPS.
  • Accurately synchronize Windows, Linux, CCTV, DVR, CISCO and networked time displays using NTP or SNTP.
  • Synchronize Thousands of Clients and Time Critical Processes
  • Easily configured using secure web interface, Telnet or serial connections.
  • Alarm notifications via SNMP.
  • Peering and Stratum 2 operation using external NTP servers.


  • Dimensions 483 x 205 x 44 mm (19.0″ x 8.05″ x 1.73″)
  • Construction 1U High 19″ Rack mount, 1.8mm Aluminium
  • Weight approx 2.2Kg (4.84lbs)
  • Power Supply Universal 100-250 VAC 50- Hz CE/UL/CSA Approved PSU
  • (Optional 9-36V DC IN and 85-250V DC IN versions available)


  • LAN 10/100 MBit BaseT , RJ-45 auto-sensing
  • Serial Console 9 way ‘D’ RS232, 9600, N, 8, 1
  • GPS Input TNC female
  • LF/AUX Input: 9 way ‘D’
  • Power Double Fused IEC Inlet
  • 1PPS Buffered pulse per second output on BNC (optional)


  • Configuration via HTTP\HTTPS\Telnet\RS232
  • Supports DHCP for automatic network configuration and static IP addressing.
  • Can synchronize any NTP\SNTP client using unicast \ broadcast \ multicast.
  • All configuration settings saved to flash memory.


  • CE, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3

Additional Items and Options

  • High-gain jam-resistant GPS antennas.
  • Antenna mounts
  • Various antenna cables from 10m to 100m+ available.
  • GPS amplifiers for extended cable runs 150m+.
  • GPS surge suppressors for lightning protection.
  • GPS splitters and GPS over optical fiber solutions for signal distribution.

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Related Products

Ethernet Networked, GPS-referenced Time Clocks

Networked Analog and Digital Wall Clocks.

  • PoE Enabled NTP Synchronized Clocks.
  • Large time displays, easily read from a distance.
  • Accurate to within milliseconds of the correct time.
  • Continual synchronization, no user intervention required.
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight saving changes.
  • Easy installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • Energy efficient and reliable.

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TimeTools SC Series Network Time Server - Font Panel

SC Series Compact NTP Server.

  • Range of Competitively Priced NTP \ SNTP Network Time Servers
  • Housed in a Compact Aluminium Enclosure
  • Dual, GPS and Radio and Reference Clock Options
  • Integrated GPS Timing Receiver with Single Satellite Operation
  • High Stability TCXO Options for Extended Holdover
  • Universal Mains or DC-IN Versions

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