GPS Clocks and the Synchronization of Time

Computers have real-time-clock chips that utilize the same timing components as wrist watches. This being the case, the time they keep drifts away from the correct time in exactly the same way. This drift can be attributed to slight changes in temperature or manufacturing tolerances. However, they all add up to the time diverging away at differing rates. A number of computers set to the correct time at the same moment will within a few weeks each differ by multiple seconds or even minutes in the worst cases.

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Ethernet Networked, GPS-referenced Time Clocks


NTP Synchronized Analog and Digital Wall Clocks.

  • Large time displays, easily read from a distance.
  • Accurate to within milliseconds of the correct time.
  • Continual synchronization, no user intervention required.
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight saving changes.
  • Easy installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • Energy efficient and reliable.







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