GPS Synchronized NTP Time Servers

The synchronization of time on computers and networks can be a real problem. PC real-time clocks are notorisouly unreliable and can drift by seconds or even minutes each day. After a relatively short period of time, each computer on a network can have a significantly different time from every other computer. With more and more applications relying on distributed networks of computers, this can be a real head-ache. Howerver, solutions are available, a GPS NTP Synchronized time server can provide the answer. By obtaining very accurate time from a hardware clock or time reference, all the computers on a network can be synchronized to the same correct time.

TimeTools SR9750 – Stratum 1 GPS NTP Server

TimeTools SR9750 is a GPS referenced, stratum 1, NTP network time server. It provides all the features necessary to securely synchronise networks of any size, from small office networks to large corporate networks. It can provide an accurate time reference to servers and workstations, CCTV systems, DVR’s along with many other network devices and infrastructure.

TimeTools SR Series GPS Referenced NTP Server - Font Panel

Key Features

Stratum1 operation for network time synchronization.

GPS referenced, but can also accept DCF-77 and MSF radio antennas.

Device operates from a reduced Linux kernel stored on flash memory – no moving parts.

All models accept a standard 5 volt GPS antenna utilising coax cable with TNC type connectors.

The device can be simply and easily be configured using a web browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer using HTTP or secure HTTPS.

High throughput 10/100 MBit Ethernet connection.

Multiple devices can be peered together to share time and to provide a high degree of redundancy.

The SR series can accept a list of external or internet based NTP time servers to provide stratum 2 operation. Stratum 2 operation can also be used a fall-back from GPS stratum 1 operation if GPS lock is lost.

All models are both NTP (Network Time Protocol) and SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) compliant.

All models have universal 100-250VAC 50-60Hz power supplies. They are also available with 9-36 VDC and 85-250 VDC IN options.

The T550 NTP appliances are supplied in an attractive, but hard-wearing, 1U-high 19-inch rackmountable aluminium enclosure.

Ideal for synchronizing servers and workstations, video surveillance systems and NTP clock systems.


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