GPS NTP Network Time Servers

The primary function of the GPS system is to provide a marine navigation and location service to shipping. The system can provide highly accurate positioning information in any location of the surface of the Earth. It does this by employing a constellation of orbiting satellites high above the Earth. Each satellite has a highly accurate atomic clock which transmits timing signals to Earth and can be used by a GPS receiver on the surface of the planet to triangulate positioning information to within a few meters. However, the satellite-based atomic clocks can also be used by timing equipment, such as GPS Network Time Servers to provide a very accurate and stable time reference to time critical applications.

TimeTools SR Series NTP Appliances


TimeTools SR Series GPS Network Time Server

TimeTools SR and SC series of GPS referenced network time server appliances utilize a plug-in GPS antenna to obtain highly precise time information from the GPS system. It uses the GPS timing information to synchronize and maintain an internal real time clock as close to the correct time as possible. This internally maintained time can then be used by network time clients as an accurate time reference to synchronize their own clocks. In this manner all servers and workstations on a network can be synchronized to the same correct time. All time critical applications can rely on having access to a reliable time refereemce.

Key Features

A reduced Linux kernel provides the operating system required to run the standard NTP daemon.

All models accept a standard 5 volt GPS antenna utilising coax cable with TNC type connectors.

The device can be easily configured using a web browser. Some models also provide a secure web-browser interface (HTTPS).

Both single ethernet network port and dual network port models are available.

Multiple devices can be peered together to share time and to provide a high degree of redundancy.

The SR series can accept a list of external or internet based NTP time servers to provide stratum 2 operation. Stratum 2 operation can also be used a fall-back from GPS stratum 1 operation if GPS lock is lost.

Some models boast high-stability TCXO oscillators in order to maintain accurate time for a longer period in the event of loss of GPS signal lock.

All models are both NTP (Network Time Protocol) and SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) compliant.

All models have universal 100-250VAC 50-60Hz power supplies. They are also available with 9-36 VDC and 85-250 VDC IN options.

The appliances are supplied in an attractive, but hard-wearing, 1U-high 19-inch rackmountable aluminium enclosure

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