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NTP Network Time Server Utilizing GPS, MSF, DCF-77 Reference Clocks

TimeTools SR7110 NTP Network Time Server can utilize a number of different hardware reference clocks to provide a high degree of accuracy. The GPS system is a global satellite based positioning and navigation system that can also be used a source of very accurate time. GPS signals can be received anywhere on the surface of the planet. All that is generally required is to install a GPS antenna with a reasonably good view of the sky. Ideally, a GPS antenna should be located on a rooftop with a full 360-degree view of the sky. However, often an antenna will work located on the side of a building or in a window. In many cases even an indoor located antenna will provide an adequate signal lock.

GPS Synchronized NTP Time Servers

The synchronization of time on computers and networks can be a real problem. PC real-time clocks are notorisouly unreliable and can drift by seconds or even minutes each day. After a relatively short period of time, each computer on a network can have a significantly different time from every other computer. With more and more applications relying on distributed networks of computers, this can be a real head-ache. Howerver, solutions are available, a GPS NTP Synchronized time server can provide the answer. By obtaining very accurate time from a hardware clock or time reference, all the computers on a network can be synchronized to the same correct time.

GPS Clock Synchronization For Computer Networks Using NTP

Computers have real-time-clock chips that utilize the same timing components as wrist watches. This being the case, the time they keep drifts away from the correct time in exactly the same way. This drift can be attributed to slight changes in temperature or manufacturing tolerances. However, they all add up to the time diverging away at differing rates. A number of computers set to the correct time at the same moment will within a few weeks each differ by multiple seconds or even minutes in the worst cases.

The GPS Clock and the Synchronization of Time

Computers have real-time-clock chips that utilize the same timing components as wrist watches. This being the case, the time they keep drifts away from the correct time in exactly the same way


GPS Network Time Server For Accurate Network Synchronization

The Global Positioning System’s intended function is to provide a global system for location and navigation. It is primarily aimed at marine navigation, although it is also commonly used in consumer car sat-nav appliances. However, GPS Time Servers are a fundamental part of today’s internet infrastructure and also many corporate networks. They synchronize the processes and functions required to keep the internet and networks working smoothly and orderly. GPS time synchronization is essentially what keeps the internet ticking.

GPS NTP Network Time Servers

The primary function of the GPS system is to provide a marine navigation and location service to shipping. The system can provide highly accurate positioning information in any location of the surface of the Earth. It does this by employing a constellation of orbiting satellites high above the Earth. Each satellite has a highly accurate atomic clock which transmits timing signals to Earth and can be used by a GPS receiver on the surface of the planet to triangulate positioning information to within a few meters. However, the satellite-based atomic clocks can also be used by timing equipment, such as GPS Network Time Servers to provide a very accurate and stable time reference to time critical applications.

Network Time Server – GPS, MSF, DCF-77 Radio

With the proliferation of distributed computer systems, network time synchronization has increasingly become of critical importance. A network time server provides a computer network with an accurate time resource. By utilising GPS and radio time and frequency broadcasts it can provide highly precise timing information to client computers. Most time servers utilize the Network Time Protocol to synchronize servers, workstations and general network infrastructure.

GPS Network Time Servers

A standard PC’s real-time clock is based on a crystal oscillator, identical to the components found in a every-day watch or clock. Like a watch or clock, they typically drift over time. In a network environment, this can cause real problems. Ideally, a network of computers need to be synchronized to the same time, so that events occur in an organised predetermined manner. For many organisations and industries such as financial institutions, media companies, security and military, precise time on their computer systems is a must. Additionally, applications such as data-logging and monitoring and control all rely on accurate time. A GPS NTP server provides a network with an accurate source of time that client computers can utilize for precise synchronization.

T550: Secure NTP Server, Multi-GNSS with High-Stability TCXO Holdover

TimeTools T550 is a stratum-1 Multi-GNSS referenced secure NTP server appliance with an integrated high-stability TCXO oscillator. The T550 can concurrently receive GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou satellite signals and is also Galileo ready.

T550: NTP Appliance, Enterprise Class Network Time Server

TimeTools T550 is a Multi-GNSS referenced enterprise class stratum-1 NTP appliance. Housed in a 1U rack-mountable enclosure with a clear bright LCD display. The T550 utilizes a number of reference clock options to provide accurate synchronization of large networks.

PoE NTP Clock – Networked Time Displays

A range of power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled analog and digital NTP clock devices for displaying accurate time throughout an organisation. The clocks have a standard RJ45 connector and connect to an Ethernet network using CAT5 cabling.

Time Synchronization of IP Networks

Computer time synchronization has become ever more important. Today, distributed systems of networked computers and devices are very common. Often, in order to maintain the integrity of transactions and generated data, a common time on distributed devices is critical.

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