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Free Stratum 1 Internet NTP Servers, Australia

TimeTools is a leading manufacturer of stratum 1 GPS referenced time servers and time synchronization devices. GPS NTP time servers provide networks with an accurate time reference for precisely setting the system time on servers, workstations, routers, telephone systems, CCTV cameras and other network infrastructure. There are however a large number of internet based time […]

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Network Time Server Basics

A network time server is a device that provides a computer network with an accurate source of time. Accurate time is generally obtained from an external hardware clock reference, such as GPS or radio time and frequency broadcasts. Precise time is then maintained internally by a calibrated system clock. Servers, workstations and other network devices […]

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How To Synchronize Microsoft Windows to a NTP Server

Most modern operating systems, including Windows, can synchronize their system time to a NTP server. Windows utilizes a time service called ‘Windows Time’, which is automatically installed in the service list. The program executable is ‘w32time.exe’. The service is installed and enabled by default during installation. Windows synchronizes time in different ways, depending on the […]

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Choosing a NTP Network Time Server

With an ever-increasing number of NTP servers becoming available with even more options, choosing the correct one for your organization can become bewildering. However, with a little thought about your requirements, it can become a very straightforward decision. Enclosure Format – Rack-Mountable, Desktop or DIN rail Mounting The first and possibly easiest choice to make […]

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NTP Server Manual Time Adjustments

Many NTP servers, including TimeTools SR series will only synchronize to an external time reference, such as GPS, if its system time is close to the supplied reference time. If there’s too great a difference between the devices system time and the reference clock time, the reference clock time stamps will be rejected. TimeTools SR […]

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How To Choose a NTP Server

Choosing a NTP server for your organisation can be bewildering. The list of features and options can seem overwhelming. However, by reviewing your organisations requirements, the choice can be made quite simple. Most appliances can be divided into basic groups: NTP or SNTP, enclosure type, single or multi-port LAN, accuracy and throughput, reference clock type, […]

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Reasons To Consider Installing a NTP Time Server

The synchronization of time of computers and servers on a network is often an issue which is given very little thought. However, with modern computer systems becoming more distributed, it is an important aspect of system design. Many computer applications, such as data-logging, transaction processing, control and monitoring all rely on individual computers having an […]

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