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GPS NTP Network Time Server Appliances

GPS is increasingly becoming the standard time reference for the synchronization of computers and computer networks. The system itself is an US military satellite system, primarily intended for global positioning and navigation. The system consists of a constellation of 24 orbiting satellites, each carefully positioned to provide global signal coverage. Each satellite has an on-board […]

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GPS or Radio Timing?

GPS and radio are the two most common time references used for network synchronization. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Radio time references can often be received indoors, but can be prone to interference. Also metal structures can cause problems. If you happen to be located in a valley or near hills, radio reception can prove […]

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Why use GPS for Accurate Time

There are a number of sources of accurate time available – GPS, Radio, CDMA. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most popular has to be GPS for a number of reasons. GPS is much more accurate than other time references. It can provide synchronisation down to nanosecond level. It is also a global […]

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