NTP Server Manual Time Adjustments

Many NTP servers, including TimeTools SR series will only synchronize to an external time reference, such as GPS, if its system time is close to the supplied reference time. If there’s too great a difference between the devices system time and the reference clock time, the reference clock time stamps will be rejected.

TimeTools SR series uses a 20 minute window. If the devices system time is more than 10 minutes different from the reference clock time, timestamps are rejected. If this is the case, ‘GPS BAD’ or ‘LF BAD’ will displayed on the LCD and status pages.

This is used a fail-safe to prevent any potential (albeit unlikely) large automatic adjustments of system time taking place.

The devices systems time can be adjusted from a telnet sessions using the setclock command. The system time should be set to UTC time rather than local time.

This applies to all TimeTools LF and GPS NTP Server models.




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Andy Shinton has spent his entire career within the IT industry, mainly in the Time and Frequency sector. Since 2002, he has headed TimeTools Research and Development Division. Andy regularly writes white-papers and articles about NTP and Network Timing Solutions.


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