Why use GPS for Accurate Time

There are a number of sources of accurate time available – GPS, Radio, CDMA. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most popular has to be GPS for a number of reasons.

GPS is much more accurate than other time references. It can provide synchronisation down to nanosecond level. It is also a global system – it can also be received anywhere in the world. Provided a GPS antenna can be positioned with a reasonably good view of the sky – a good consistent signal lock is virtually guaranteed.

However, with an externally mounted GPS antenna, ideally, you should also fit some sort of surge suppression. This will protect expensive network equipment from lightning strikes and other potential voltage surges.

If you need a stratum 1 NTP server, GPS is the ideal solution, no matter where your located.



About the Author.
Andy Shinton has spent his entire career within the IT industry, mainly in the Time and Frequency sector. Since 2002, he has headed TimeTools Research and Development Division. Andy regularly writes white-papers and articles about NTP and Network Timing Solutions.


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