Your Partner For NTP Servers, Time Displays and Synchronization Solutions Using GPS, MSF and DCF-77

TimeTools manufactures and supplies a range of innovative network time synchronization solutions. From dedicated NTP network time servers to synchronized wall clocks and time displays, we can provide a cost-effective solution for most applications.

NTP Network Time Servers

Our extensive range of Stratum 1 NTP Appliances provide an accurate synchronized time reference for small or larger networks. By utilising MSF, DCF-77 or GPS time references, NTP servers offer a secure, accurate, traceable,  source of time inside your firewall.

The appliances can serve thousands of network time clients and are ideal for synchronizing Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms as well as network infrastructure such as routers and switches, CCTV, DVR and telephone systems.

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NTP Synchronised Ethernet Networked Wall Clocks

TimeTools range of analogue and digital NTP synchronized wall clocks utilise NTP over Ethernet to provide continuously accurate time displays throughout your organisation.  They feature, easy installation and configuration, maintenance free operation and automatic change over to daylight saving time without operator intervention.

Ideal for time and attendance applications, access control systems and security applications where a legally traceable time display is required.

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PC Time References

Our range of GPS computer time references provide a reliable, accurate time reference for single PC’s. The time references have RS232 interfaces for easy installation and can also be used with USB/Serial converters. They are supplied with drivers for most popular operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and LINUX platforms.

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How To Buy

We provide time synchronization solutions to organizations world-wide, including: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Australia and the Middle East.

All of our products can be shipped world-wide, directly to you, from TimeTools. Alternatively, if you wish,  contact one of our resellers located in most regions.

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Customer List

Our customer list includes many high-profile, prestigious companies, such as: NASA, Coca-Cola, Lockheed-Martin, Rolls-Royce, Motorola, HP, DELL, Nokia, Jaguar-Land Rover, Texaco, Shell and many more.

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Quality: ISO 9001:2008

Quality is important to us. We aim to adhere to the highest standards of manufacture and quality control. This is reinforced by TimeTools being an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

ISO9001:2008 Registered Company

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